Best Hiking Shoes for Women

Best Hiking Shoes for Women of 2018 – Our Top Picks

Every woman knows that nothing can ruin a great day like the wrong pair of shoes! This is especially true in the back country where you have nothing but your feet to help you cover…

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Best Hiking Sandals for Men of 2018

If you think that your choices for hiking footwear are limited to traditional shoes and boots, think again. There’s another option that you might not have considered, (but you should!) and that option is the…

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Best Hiking boots for men

Best Hiking Boots For Men – Our Top 7 Picks

When we do a review of footwear we factor in key criteria to determine which boots are worthy for 2015, such as: comfort, support, traction, waterproof, weight and durability. Hope you find our analysis useful…

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salewa wildfire approach shoes for women

Best Approach Shoes for Women of 2018

If you’re wanting a good pair of shoes that will help you hike in comfort, stick like glue to any rock, and look good with a pair of casual jeans, look no further than a…

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best approach shoes for men

The Best Approach Shoes for Men of 2018 – Our Top 5 Picks

Are you heading to the local crag but needing to hike a over a couple tough miles and some big boulders to get there? You’re going to want a pair of approach shoes. Approach shoes…

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